H i s t o r y P h i l o s o p h y P e o p l e P a r t n e r s G r a d u a t e s P r e s s C o n t a c t s


Politics of Technology
Politics of the Body
Politics of Memory
Politics of Nature
  • Nature
    • We escape from the Modern civilization and from the City. Environment is the best classroom, and we stay outside as much as possible, exploring the landscape.
  • Collaboration
    • Using collaborative Internet technologies (Google Docs)
    • Selecting best ideas and making joint projects
    • Constructing websites during the Schools
    • Making photo exhibitions
    • Maintaining alumni networks 
  • International spirit
    • International working groups
    • English as the only working language 
  • Multidisciplinary study
    • History, Economy, Sociology, Politics, Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture, Art and Architecture... we seek to explore them all in the study of Modern civilization and its alternatives
  • Culture
    • Watching and discussing films, pertaining to the themes of the School
    • Discussing art, architecture, fiction and photography 
  • Sports and outdoors
    • Trekking in the fells of Lapland and bicycling to the fjords of Norway
    • Cross-country skiing and playing team sports in Estonia
    • Swimming in the sea in Catalonia
    • Downhill skiing in the Alps
  • Fun
    • Trip to Tromsø, "Paris of the North"
    • Karaoke, Lapland-style
    • Sauna parties in Estonia
    • Beer fest and Night sled-riding in Garmisch... and much more!